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Dan's Video Restaurant Reviews
This has taken longer than I originally anticipated, but for a good reason.
I have decided to add animations to my videos.
So instead of editing the footage I have for over 200 restaurants at night, I have been taking a school for Adobe After Effects and watching tutorials for Adobe Premier Pro to up my editing game.
This will result in a much better product. So if you will bear with me, I will start adding my videos VERY soon.
Keep checking back. I believe you find my videos both informative AND entertaining.
Until then, go ahead and peruse my picks without the videos.

Thanks, Dan


The Chipotle Challenge

Burger Wars

Best Pizza's In The SF Bay Area

Hot Meat Sandwich




I wear multiple hidden video cameras
when I review a restaurant. I blur
faces during editing to
protect everyones privacy.
Here are the tools of my trade.

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